I can not open a drawing ?

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are print information stored ?

Ans. :Stored Into the system registry :

  • Save changes to Layout check box value
  • Use Setting from check box value
  • Header and Footer

 Stored into the drawing :

  • Print Area
  • Fit print area to size of page
  • Scale
  • Print origin
  • Use Line Weight
  • Printer
  • Paper Landscape/Portrait
  • Units
  • Upside down set

Stored into CTB files :

  • Pens color related to colors table
  • Lineweight related to colors table
  • Linetype
I can not open a drawing ?

Ans. : Where:

01. An error message is displayed and the drawing is not opened.

02. An error message is not displayed but the drawing won’t open.

03. It began the loading of the drawing but after the operation is completed or before it ActCAD goes wrong.

In all these cases, the file may be corrupted, so recovery is needed:

— Start ActCAD

— From the File menu choose “Recover”

— Select the damaged files and confirm

— After all the operations take effect on the drawing it is necessary to save it.

It is recommended that you use the “Save as” command assigning another name to the recovered file to avoid losing in this way any definitive information that was not recovered.